Smithsonian Institution | The Alice Roosevelt Longworth Collection of Photographs from the 1905 Taft Mission to Asia, 1905

In Perspective: Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo's Per Pacem et Libertatem. The link to the photo was shared on our website by FSA Archive.

The title and caption according to the Smithsonian Institution collection:
Manila: American and Filipino representatives in the Salon de Marmol of the Ayuntamiento de manila. August, 1905

"Filipino representatives seated in the Marble Hall of the Manila City Hall meeting with American delegates. At the time, the building was used as the administrative offices of the 8th US Army Corps. In the background is the mural "Per Pacem et Libertatem" by the Filipino painter Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo (1855 - 1913). This photo was taken in late August, 1905".

The painting was unfortunately one of the priceless heritage casualties during World War Two's Battle of Manila. Hidalgo's studies or bocetos for Per Pacem et Libertatem are currently on view at our Complicated exhibit (Call Tina at 6312417 for inquiries.)

Click to preview the critique of this colonial masterpiece by contemporary artist Leslie de Chavez, also on view at Complicated.